Luca Giordano and Sebastiano Ricci, “The Fall of the Rebel Angels.”

I have lived for my art.


Doctor who countdown meme 
↳ 25 days till who: Favourite season - four


Next older person to complain about millennials has to pay off a random 20-something’s student loans


me when buying something over $10: do i need this? do i need any material objects? will this matter when i face the great abyss?


Andrew Scott at London Collections: Men AW 2014 [x]

bofa trailer in a nutshell

Nowhere, Robert Larson


Do you expect me to talk?
No, Ms. Bond. I expect you to die!


I’m glad to be with you, Tolkien fandom. Here at the end of all things


I shaped the history of Middle-earth. I crafted the Rings of Power. [x]

جان‎/jan/jān/jaan [jan]
(noun) Jan/jaan is one of those specials words which lends itself across cultures and languages as a term of endearment and affection meaning, love, dear, heart, and life in East Asia. Arab/Persian: In Arabic, jan represents beloved one or dear. The Persian origins of this word mean life, equivalent to the Punjabi and Hindi definition. Calling a person your jaan, in comparison to the Arab and Persian culture, in South East Asian countries is an act of true love and intimiacy, and not used as liberally as the Persian connotation. Its true origins stem from Sanskrit. In Urdu you often refer to the person you are in love with as “meri jaan [meh-ree jan],” also meaning my life, and my dear. It has a deeper emotional meaning than merely calling someone your love, or sweetheart; it is used in the essence of true love. (via wordsnquotes)